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Breast Massage

People intend to forget about massaging the breast and how beneficial it can be to your health. We explain a technique that will help you to properly massage your breast and give 7 great benefits as to why you should massage your breast! Other than finding pleasure during intimate moments with your mate, make it intentional to take care of yourself by these fun and few simple steps.

Massage Technique

Warm your hands by rubbing them with coconut oil or a natural oil of choice. Now, starting with the underarms in which lymphatic system and breast muscles start, massage using fingers or knuckles. Not too hard but firm fr a comfortable deep penetration that helps activate the lymphatic system to the functioning of the breast and also helps to increase blood flow. Work your way down to the breast plate area by rubbing in circles around your breast. This should be done in an upward and outward movement. The circuit of this massage should be breasts going towards your face and then towards the outline of your breasts. Maintain light pressure otherwise it can lead to pain.

What are 7 benefits of breast massage:

👍🏾Breast massage can help detect any abnormal lumps or masses in the breast

👍🏾 Breast massage can help promote more breast milk production and prevent clogged milk ducts.

👍🏾Breast massage increases stimulation to the lymphatic system making sure toxins are released.

👍🏾Breast massage facilitates myofascial release by easing chest, shoulder, and back pain.

👍🏾Breast massage can also help make your breast firm and uplifted by massaging them both in upward motion with coconut or olive oil.

👍🏾Breast massaging just feels pleasuring and is relaxing. Breast massages are great and are better for your overall health.

So we hope this knowledge serves you well! We hope you also take the time out and get to know your breast and enjoy the health benefits of breast massaging! Enjoy!

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