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Meet the Owners 


Amari Garnes (Love)

Certified Holistic Fertility Doula

Spencer Lott (Peace)

Sound Therapist
West African Drummer
Music Artist 

Amari Lott also known as “Love” is a Certified Holistic and Fertility Doula, at Love and Peace Wellness Center (LPW) and Soon to be Author  Of “Womb Care Cycling™️“. She has been working with women's health for 4 years and has been studying the reproductive health of women and men since 2007. Amari (Love)  found her passion for women's reproductive health for the first time after being diagnosed in 2012, with blocked Fallopian tubes and ovarian cysts. With persistency and determination to reverse it naturally, she became committed to using a holistic approach to reverse the issues. In 2014 while on vacation in Denver, Colorado, Love was inside a Herbal store in Denver when she noticed a yoni steaming package. This sparked her curiosity to try it out for herself and from there she began to seek more information about yoni steaming and womb wellness which has now become her life long passion and study. While utilizing the holistic method processes of Herbal Steaming, Yoni Yoga, Yoni Detox with Herbal tampons and Sound, Love discovered that she no longer had ovarian cysts. After having the transformational effects she then decided to share the process and began to educate other women on the techniques and benefits of “Womb Care Cycling™️“. The process became effective, and many women were overcoming their issues of BV, Yeast Infection, Shrinking Fibroids and Cysts, and having healthier periods, and becoming pregnant. Love now offers therapy sessions that includes “Womb Care Cycling™️“ sessions to private individuals 1-on-1 and groups. As a Certified Holistic and Fertility Doula she has helped women to conceive and has helped so far 11 women give birth to new life. Amari's mission is to "Help women love themselves more by utilizing Womb Care Cycling and to heal one womb at a time for generations to come"

He has been practicing as a therapist professionally for 2+ years and has been studying the effects of sound on the Mind, Body and Spirit for over 10 Years. He found a passion for sound through music at the age of 4 years old when he played a bongo drum for the first time. It was then that he found his calling and noticed how music and sound affected him so profoundly. Through the years he has played over 5 different instruments and has also started a music career making alternative jazz and soul music. Spencer wanted to dig deeper into sound than just the surface level of what we hear through the speakers. He wanted to know why sound affects us this way and how he can utilize these findings to help others overcome mental and physical illnesses. His first experiment was on himself when he was stricken with illness at the age of 25 and had no answers from the conventional western medical system. Through the use of sound therapy, herbs and other holistic methods he was able to fully recover and came out stronger and healthier than before. After seeing these  results Spencer became inspired to educate and demonstrate to others the ability of sound to heal. Spencer offers private and group sound therapy sessions as well as near infrared light, vibration therapy and light therapy at LPW. Spencers favorite quote is "Everything is vibration so why not create a good vibe for yourself" 

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