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Preparation Bath Scrub
  • Preparation Bath Scrub


    This Preparation Bath Scrub is for Mother’s to be and Doulas. This aromatic scent is self renewing. Using this Cleansing Bath Scrub before Birthing babies, is really a sacred self caring process for body, mind and spirit before assisting with birth. Take this as a special way to cleanse you aura field and remove the energetic waste from your aura field!

    All ingredients for this bath scrub are necessary to prepare you!

    🕯 1 Goddess Candle and yellow and white candle for Osuns work

    🪴 Peppermint for bringing in clean energy and purification

    🪴Holy Basil for maintaining balanced chakras, spiritual enlightenment, and inner peace.

    🪴Cloves are amulets to ward off evil energies

    🪴Rosemary oil good for instilling a new sense of empowerment and stimulates the mind

    🪴Bay leaves to write on for prayer or intentions

    🪴Salt for energetic cleansing, purification and amplification of intention and prayer.

    This product is enough for 2 uses.